If you are a Fleet Manageynotoutlet capsvondutch saldibenetton ovyeshop 24bottles andcamicienegozi ynotoutlet ynotoutlet gigasport-online diegodallapalmaoutlet fracominaabiti akutrekkingshop gabssaldi ynotborse fracominasaldi r, the performance of your equipment is directly linked to the success of your business.

Many of the Fleet customers we speak with understanding the importance of proper, regular equipment maintenance. Many of them know their equipment’s OEM-recommended engine oil change interval or have them within an arm’s reach at the shop.

This may also be true for your operation. Now think fast: do you know the recommended gear oil schedule for your equipment?

Which may also take a touch longer to discover,” is generally the response we pay attention whilst we ask that question.

Just because gear oil isn’t always top of mind doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be at the top of your appliance maintenance priority list. For those not familiar with gear lubricants, here is a brief guide to proper gear oil maintenance.

What gear oil protects?

Gear oil is designed to protect the critical components, including gears and bearings in the axle and differential, transmission, industrial gearbox and power tech-take unit. Gear oils, in general, have high viscosity for easy distribution and safety through a complete gear set.

Choosing the right gear oil

Always use an OEM-specified product or a product of similar quality. It can be tempting to cut costs by lower-quality product. However, since the change interval is longer, it is even more important to use a quality lubricant to ensure top equipment performance. Premium gear oils include dispensers to reduce sludge and carbon varnish buildup, along with anti-wear additives to increase durability.

Signs of poor gear oil maintenance

Like conventional engine oil, gear oil that has been used for too long will darken from oxidation and debris. Depending on how long it has been since the last change, gear oil may also have an increased, thick viscosity. If not modified often, gear oil will damage down, permitting friction and grinding of gear additives, ensuing in needless put on and costly repairs.

Gear Oil Maintenance Schedule

Always consult with your OEM system guide for the endorsed trade interval for every piece of equipment.

Evaluating your engine lubricant

Longer change intervals can make it easier to keep gears out of sight and out of mind. Combat this trend by doing an oil analysis on each piece of equipment at least once a year. Do you know Oil analysis is like a blood test for your device. This will provide a detailed report describing how your lubricants are performing and will identify any potential mechanical issues before they become serious problems.

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