Very good performance as a sealant and lubricant for glass ints and
    stopcocks in high vaccum and high temp systems.
    In pressure lubricated plug valves, control valves and ceramic plug cocks.
    In valves of water softner.
    In fire extinguishers to keep the valve dependable operable.
    As a sealant on floating telephone batteries.
    Its high tack may be taken advantage of, in holding rubber and other parts in position during assembly of certain parts.
    As a release agent for certain materials.


    SG 0001


    Translucent White

    Temp. Range

    -40°C to 250°C


    200 - 260

    Bleed @ 205°C

    Less than 2%

    Evaporation @205°C (For 24 Hrs)

    Max 2%

    Softening Point

    Min 205°C

    Specific gravity


    Dielectric Strength

    9.0 kv/mm

    Arc Resistance

    Min 80 Sec